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GEWEHR 41 WW II German Semi Automatic Rifle is a licensed FFL dealer.   We do buy, trade, sell, repair and restore WW2 Weapons.
  The photos below can be seen on the internet if you search long and hard enough.   In some cases I have found them on multiple sites.   Each of these photos is stamped with   That site is no longer active.  I did find a few others but they were being used in books etc. so I did not want to infringe.  Click any image to enlarge.


The Soldier above left is in each of the top 3 photos. His grandson provided me these three photos taken in Greece 1943. He did survive the war but lost his right arm to a sniper in Thessonoliki. He was carrying the G41 and  saw something shiny on the ground bent over and used his right arm to hold back the G41 and where his head was, was now his elbow and that is where the sniper got him. The rest of the unit was subsequently sent to defend Belgrade against the Russians and were wiped out. It was a Himmelsfahrt Einheit comprised of Political prisoners.  The Commander stepped on a mine and lost his leg and was the only other to survive.


While in the Field hospital in 1945, he was in Schleswig Holstein and when the British troops came into the hospital, he stood up and sang God save the Queen. He was the only patient to get rum that night. The Brits loved him.


His name was Franz Berg and was from Hamburg and a Schuetze until the very end. Fascinating guy, very Prussian and taught me how to tell time, chess and to collect things. I have his wound badge in silver and his dog tag as well. Being very Prussian, he was also the reason that my mom left Germany and emigrated to the US to California. And the rest is history!